Hero Super Splendor – Top reasons to buy

In 2005, Hero Super Splendor was first launched in the Indian market with 125cc motorcycle specs. It has various useful features and balanced design, the Hero Super Splendor will deliver the best and decent sales for the company even after its inception decade. In 2017, the bike had received the new model with numerous tweaks in terms of design along with i3S technology that helps to offer better full consumption and efficiency.

The all-new Hero Super Splendor has the new 125cc engine and developed completely in-house by the company. It slightly offers better torque and power when compared to the earlier model. This motorcycle includes various interesting features such as an easy electric start, attractive graphics along with all-black themes. Currently, Hero Super Splendor 125cc unit will be sold in the Indian market for Rs 57,000.

The company also sells the all-new Super Splendor 125cc unit when compared to the earlier model with a slightly higher price range of around Rs 58,000. However, the above-mentioned prices are excluding the showroom price in Delhi. This bike will be a primary competitor for others such as Yamaha Saluto, Bajaj Discover 125, and the Honda CB shine within this segment. Both the all-new model and the earlier model of our Hero Super Splendor will be available for sale in five different color shades and also includes other sorts of appealing dual-tone color options.


With slight improvement when compared to its earlier model, the new 125 cc engine unit (124.7cc) will produce 6000 rpm at a peak torque of 11 Nm, and 7500 rpm at the power of 11.3 bhp. The engine is designed to mate with a 4-speed transmission. When it comes to the performance itself, the bike had never changed (retains) the earlier model’s riding characteristics and utilized the same on the new model as well.

The new model of Hero Super Splendor will produce 6 percent of extra torque and 27 percent of extra power when compared with its earlier model. Without any fuss, this bike can easily overtake the slow-moving traffic with enough pull. Similar to other 125cc engine bikes, it offers higher revs with vibes and gets to push the bike. It is much easier to filter through the traffic with the help if its smooth & easy gearbox that goes up & down.

Without any fuss, the Hero Super Splendor bike will come to perform its duties. With effortless ease, every day you can do 30 to 40 kilometers without any hassle. Hero Super Splendor has not provided any information with regards to its fuel economy figure. However, we believe that it can provide 60 kmpl with a coupled 13-liter fuel tank and gives a wide range of a full tank of 800 km.

Safety Features

The all-new Hero Super Splendor comes with a drum brake of 130mm at both ends which offers the best and decent stopping power. This bike also includes the AHO (Automatic Headlamp On) feature which makes the headlight stay always on. You can get the bike’s better visibility that results in fewer chances of any mishap.

Another important feature added to the Safety features is referred to as the Side Stand Indicator. The red color indicator will glow up while the stand side is set it down and alerts the rider to prevent any mishap. Hero Super Splendor has a 35W halogen headlamp that offers ample illumination even in the dark space and ensures the stress-free travel during the night time.

Ride Quality, Handling & Braking

Hero Super Splendor will offer the best plush ride quality and always maintain the comfort ride even over the worst road conditions. This bike weighs around 124 kg and much easier to manhandle through pothole laden roads and as well as traffic snarls. Since it is a basic 125cc engine model; the bike will not utilize the disk brake option.

However, it has used the drum brakes of 130mm at the rear side and as well as front side to feel similar to a tad wooden. The brake bites are quite late and also it misses the liked feedback.


The Hero Super Splendor 2018 is a basic and no-frills model that loaded only with basic features. The most important features are a rear side with a wider tire, side stand indicator, and AHO (Automatic Headlamp On). It includes i3S technology (which is referred to as Idle Start or Stop) that consumes the bike’s fuel efficiency. In idle state, the bike will automatically shut off and while releasing the clutch the engine will come back to life.

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