Dürr India has become a worldwide leader in mechanical engineering and has achieved growth and development due to its systemized processes, advanced technology, and highly reliable customer care services.

Dürr India’s Paint Supply Systems in India offers various services and products, for instance, EcoGuns. EcoGuns are specialized spray guns that can operate in both manual and automatic modes. These guns are designed for heavy-duty industrial jobs and are required for batch paint application. They are used for various purposes, including adhesives, glazes, water- or solvent-borne paints, other materials, etc.

The different types of spray guns produced by Dürr India Paint Circulation Systems are:

  • Manual Spray Guns (EcoGun AS MAN)

Dürr India’s manual spray guns are made to perform all sorts of tasks in multiple application areas like coating small areas like furniture lacquer application and car body maintenance. On the other hand, Pressure-feed spray guns provided by Dürr India are used to cover larger areas. In addition, specific variants of spray guns are required for heavy-duty application of high-solid substances like glazes or enamels.

  • Manual air-assist spray guns (EcoGun AA MAN)

Archetypal people like wood crafters use manual air-assist spray guns to apply high-viscosity materials under demanding surface quality requisites. These spray guns are versatile and have a wide range of nozzles to finish wooden furniture with solvent and water-based lacquers.  Also, these spray guns are often fed by EcoPump VP packages.

  • Manual airless spray guns (EcoGun AL MAN

Manual airless spray guns are utilized for coating wood structures and anti-corrosion protection coatings on large steel structures. The modular design of these extensions assists in painting difficult-to-reach areas as their functionality can be enhanced with extensions. These guns are used for high-pressure paint application and have reversible nozzles which come in a wide range of sizes and angles. 

  • Automatic air spray guns (EcoGun AS AUTO)

The automatic air spray guns are used for dot marking or for covering very minuscule areas. Moreover, these spray guns are tailored to perfection for all kinds of applications across industries. For instance, they are suitable for special coverage applications and standard paint applications in the glass or ceramic sector. In addition, the automatic air spray guns are built for fully controlled remote functioning by the production control systems.

  • Automatic airless spray guns (EcoGun AL AUTO)

The modular design of the automatic airless spray guns is appropriate for high-pressure paint application. The spray guns functionality can be amplified with extensions, which allows for lengths and angles and can be employed for anti-corrosion protection coatings on large steel structures or for covering wood structures. These guns also have reversible nozzles that are accessible in a wide range of sizes and angles.

  • Automatic air-assist spray guns (EcoGun AA AUTO)

As these guns are a part of the automatic painting procedure, they are generally used in batch paint applications. Dürr India’s guns are distinguished by separate air regulation and stainless steel material paths for round and flat patterns, whilst the steel sets are also adaptable.

Dürr India’s Paint Circulation Systems in India offer both manual and automatic air-assist and airless guns. They have been proven as a remarkable technology to provide outstanding performance in paint coatings and have also won the trust of enterprises across various sectors. 

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