One of the fastest golf carts money can buy

One of the fastest golf carts money can buy

It’s Sunday, you’re on the golf course with your mates, relaxing, enjoying the game. But you dread the thought of stepping in the lazy, slow golf carts that the course has. That’s not a problem anymore, I’d like to introduce you to Lacern Golf Carts! Usually, the top speed of go-kart is pre limited depending on what state you’re in. It varies from 15mph to 20 mph. These guys make golf karts that go more than double the speed of your average cart! Their custom-built carts go up to 55 mph, but their made not to be just on the golf course. They succeeded to go 120 mph with their electric powered custom-made cart for the drag strip. You wouldn’t be taking that to your weekend game of golf

Golf carts have indeed become one of the trendy possessions, and no can deny the fact. They have been completely recreational, fund to ride and the best part is that they are environment-friendly. One of the biggest decisions that one need to make before buying a golf cart is to ensure whether to buy a battery-powered cart or one powered with gas.

They design their golf carts not just go incredibly fast, but their outfitted with modern technology comforts that normal vehicle has. This makes the overall riding experience even more comfortable for the golfers. It is to be expected since the price your paying can reach up to $25000. For this price, you get air conditioning in the carts, built-in custom stereos, digital display, infotainment system to connect your phone, speedometer and many other modern amenities that add utmost comfort to your journey. You can outfit these cars with leather interiors, but their steering wheel game is lacking. The inbuilt stereo system looks chic, and there will be a digital display that showcases a speedometer as well as other data. If you are considering one of these golf carts for your own use, visit Woodensteeringwheels website, they will turn your steering wheel, to match the rest of the golf carts luxury interior.

The battery will also last the entire day; it’s estimated that it will travel around 30 – 40 miles before it needed a charge. Now, this is one of the biggest USP of this vehicle as compared to any other eCarts available in the industry. The charge will take around 6 -8 hours for a full battery. Nowadays, most of the golf carts are said to utilize a system of DC batteries that work together to power the cart. Experts say that this means an added advantage of having lengthier life for the battery – precisely, more than 200 holes before it needs a second charge. That will be ideal as you it will charge to full overnight. It’s a great choice to spice up your private golf course or your travel around your ranch in style. Not only this, but you can also have a ride on this with your gold partner or with your loved one on a fresh, sunny and bright morning to make the day even more blissful along with the essence of playing golf.

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