5 sculptural uses of the BRNO Chair

5 sculptural uses of the BRNO Chair

The BRNO chair has an incredibly unique and charismatic form. Its cantilevered design was considered absolutely magnificent back in the day – and remains so, even now. There is almost something sculptural about this chair’s creative design. Each curve and line has been masterfully designed to capture the best of modern beauty, which makes this chair a great accent piece. If you’re wondering how you can use its sculptural form to your full advantage, here are 5 amazing inspirations for you:

  1. One on one


This image shows the perfect way to showcase the beauty of a BRNO chair. Not only has it been placed in a space with a minimalist background, but the only other piece of furniture placed beside it is equally as charismatic. Since both the chair and recliner have a similar structure, they play off of each other’s presence. The strategic placement of the artwork and décor around them is very impressive as well. It contributes to the starkness of the surroundings, so that the chair can stand out even more.

  1. Pairing with sculptures


One of the best ways to play up the sculptural form of the BRNO chair is to pair it up with a literal sculpture. If you’re wondering how that can happen, then just take a look at this image. The magenta colored BRNO chairs with their chrome cantilevered structure are the absolute highlight, but their presence is definitely enhanced two-fold by the placement of the artistic sculpture in the middle. It ramps up the statement-worthy quality of these chairs two-fold.

  1. Through the looking glass


If you’re working with a small space or don’t really have enough room to use the BRNO chair as a freestanding piece, then you can use glass furniture and accessories to highlight its sculptural form. Take the example of this image; the transparent table top lets the form of the BRNO chair to take center-stage, even when there’s very little room all around.

  1. Stylish dining areas


The BRNO chair has the kind of form that looks unique and eclectic no matter where you place it. Even in a set-up as conventional as a dining area, it’s still able to maintain its distinctness. Just look at this image and you’ll see how the elliptical dining table and cantilevered BRNO chair elevate each other’s presence while totally respecting the glamour of the backdrop.

  1. A desk in the middle


This image showcases an incredible layout idea that can be implemented in every home. Two BRNO chairs have been placed on either side of an accent work-desk. The dark finish of the desk provides a great backdrop for the white and chrome colored chairs. The stark contrast between these two finishes totally plays up the sculptural form of the chairs itself. Moreover, if you’re not on-board with the 2-chair aesthetic, you can also feature just 1 to get a similarly stylish effect.

The undeniable beauty and presence of the BRNO chair is always a sight to behold, and we hope that these 5 ideas help you utilize its best quality in your home interiors.

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