What to see and do in Cancun

What to see and do in Cancun

The truth is that Cancun is one of the destinations that does not attract the attention of all travelers because by not knowing it, they really do not know what they are missing.


Cancun is a city where you can enter an incredible destination of the Mayan culture and where you can have a little taste of the best of Mexico and some countries in the world because Cancun is well known for being a city with multiculturalism.

But first, you have to know that Cancun is a city divided into two sections. The first one is the city of Cancun or downtown, where most of the inhabitants of the city life, where you will find most of the malls and a few plazas where you will find exciting things, this sector allows visitors to know more authentic places. Meanwhile, to the south of the city, the road extends for approximately 25 km. Limited by a lagoon on one side and by extensive lines of beach on the other called Hotel Zone, where you can meet the best hotels and accommodations in the city, as well as the most luxurious squares and the best markets to buy souvenirs (in the center we recommend market 28 and black coral hotel zone)

What to see and do in Cancun

1.Visit the best Beaches

All travelers travel to Cancun with only one purpose: to enjoy its beaches. But which are the best beaches in Cancun?

  • Playa Delfines
  • Caracol Beaches
  • Marlin Beach
  • Tortugas Beach
  • Linda Beach
  • Gaviotas Beach

Of course, there are many that you can meet during your visit because you have to know that Cancun has 20 km of coastline.

  1. Stay at one of the all-inclusive resorts, even for a day-pass.

It might be a little more expensive than you expect, because Cancun is a city that offers quite high prices, although all they offer are quality, both in service and in what you will receive in the resort packages. You can’t miss out on one of these experiences, as it’s important to be pampered from time to time.

  1. Enjoy the local things

The previous point is great, but we recommend that you don’t make the mistake of not leaving your hotel. Allow yourself to get to know the city, in the center, the squares, the less touristy area such as Avenida Yaxilan should also be visited. The right place where you can breathe the local atmosphere and get delicious food is the Parque de las Palapas, where you can even eat well and very cheap (this is near the avenue Yaxilan)

If you need to leave the city, since most of the giant resorts located on the Mayan Riviera, you can visit Playa del Carmen. To get to this destination, you can take a Transportation from Cancun to Playa del Carmen, this way you will get there accessible and faster.

  1. take some time-out to celebrate

if you prefer nightlife, a great place is the CocoBongo club show. If you like the FUN life and want to see a quality show and have fun at the same time, CocoBongo is an excellent place for you and the people who accompany you on the trip. A ticket is usually over 30 USD. However, this should not limit you to live a great experience.

  1. Visit The local Archeological Zones

this will be an interesting fact for you, and you have to know, in Cancun, there are three archaeological zones: San Miguelito (inside the Mayan Museum of Cancun), the Ruins of El Rey and the Temple of the Scorpion Yamil Lu’um. This last one is entirely free.

Although, if you decide that, you want to know a bigger place, knowing the archeological zones outside Cancun is not a bad idea either.

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