What is Ultherapy for Stomach- Things to Know

What is Ultherapy for Stomach- Things to Know

Did you witness ample weight loss recently? Are you facing any signs of aging? Did you witness childbirth? All or any of these has side effects, namely, wrinkly, saggy and loose skin on the stomach and it might get challenging to get back to what you were, even when you work towards toning your body or reaching your ideal weight. If you want to remedy this situation, you can opt-in for Ultherapy. 

Simply put, Ultherapy is a fabulous skin tightening process, especially for the stomach. It helps restore the elastin and collagen network present inside the skin. The collagen offers a robust skin structure, and elastin provides skin elasticity. That’s the reason it gets back to its original shape. As an outcome, the Ultherapy for stomach helps to revive:

  • Skin laxity
  • Wrinkly skin 
  • Saggy skin

The way ultherapy works

Collagen is a natural substance that makes the skin smooth and taut. The therapy doesn’t disturb the skin surface but rather stimulates collagen production by releasing ultrasound energy to the skin’s deep layers to address the structural tissues of the skin where there is collagen. No toxins get used in the process. Additionally, for availing the correct outcome, the Ultherapy can circumvent the skin’s surface for providing the required amount of the sound energy to the treated area. The ultrasound energy can activate the natural process beneath the skin by enabling the regenerative process which gives rise to new collagen. 

Why should you opt-in for Ultherapy for stomach contouring?

The Ultherapy is secure and is time-tested for bypassing the skin surface. Here three transducers deposit small energy amounts beneath the skin, particularly, 1.5mm, 4.5mm and 3.0mm. Hence, this therapy provides ample control for tightening the discrete body areas, such as the stomach. 

Are you wondering why is this essential? Simply put, each body part has a varied fat and muscle ratio. Every person has a specific muscle and fat composition. So, what sense can you make of this? The answer is that the Ultherapy process gets targeted in certain areas, to allow skin tightening of the stomach area or any other targeted area. 

What is the time required for Ultherapy to work on the stomach?

The outcome of Ultherapy is natural and gradual. You will come across some firming and lifting of your skin after about two months of the treatment. You will notice that your skin will begin to improve. Hence, the majority of the skin-tightening advantage will be visible with a span of six or seven months. It carries on as the natural healing process of body works beneath the skin. 

Finally, it’s essential to know whether the Ultherapy for stomach works for the body or not! According to the FDA, Ultherapy happens to be the only sanctioned, non-invasive skin tightening process for the body, face, and stomach. Recently, several patients are using it for treating their stomach skin as well. It’s because the principles which makes this therapy correct and beneficial for face, makes it a good treatment for treating a sagging stomach and also for body contouring.

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