How to manage your mental health while working on social media?


Do you work on social media? There is a greater chance that you could get addicted to it. 

Many people check social media first thing in the morning – some check their personal profiles, or business pages, while others scroll through their feeds tirelessly for no reason.

It is understandable that being a social media marketer, you may have your fingers scrolling through the social media platform to be updated about what’s trending now.

It may all seem to be okay when you are just starting to work on it; however, overtime you may find yourself trapped or overwhelmed.

And that too in this global pandemic situation, resulting in a change in the working style, you may find it so hard to maintain a balance and feel exhausted.

But do not worry. You are in the right place reading the right stuff.

As you continue reading, we will be looking at ways to build mental health habits. 

Check your workload regularly

You might be passionate and highly committed towards your work, and you must be aware that burnout can happen.

When you feel burnout, it does not mean you are weak. However, if you continue to take it for granted and do not balance your workload you will end up losing energy, enthusiasm, a dip in your productivity, etc.

The best thing is to spend time every week reviewing your tasks for the week. Is your to-do list overwhelming or manageable?

Are there any tasks you can remove from the list? Can you delegate some tasks to your teammates?

When you have a clear picture of your to-do list, you will get an idea of your workload. 

Limit the amount of time you spend on social media

You can set time limits on your phone to limit your time spent on social media channels. But that is likely to affect your research or study.

Yes, according to Parkinson’s law, the amount of time you allot yourself to finish a task is the exact amount of time you will take to finish it.

Although, for things that require you to monitor social media at a certain interval of time, you cannot limit yourself from accessing it.

But this technique will significantly reduce your research time on social media platforms.

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Keep track of where you are spending your time 

You need to know how you spend time on social media. You can use an app of your choice to track this. The insights you get from this will help you to lessen your time spent on social media.

Have control over your feeds

Did you know that the content you are exposed to has an adverse effect on your mental health? 

Perform an audit on your feeds and remove any irrelevant content, unfollow the accounts that do not spark joy in you.

Besides this, you can take regular breaks from your work, turnoff notifications.

Concluding thoughts

In this fast paced & challenging world, you need to take time to care for yourself. 


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