Want to change fortune? Try your luck at Mega Sena

Want to change fortune? Try your luck at Mega Sena

If you are waiting for Resultado da Mega Sena then you must have played the lottery game floated by Caixa Econômica Federal Bank of Brazil. It is one of the largest online lotteries that is played in Brazil, the largest country of South America. Although earlier only people of Brazil had the opportunity to play this game now there are many other countries from where this game can be played. Actually millions of people are playing the game and are waiting for the Resultado da Mega Sena so that they can change their fortune like many others.

This article will throw light on the game and how you can play it.

Basics about the game

As already mentioned the Mega Sena game is an online lottery that was started in Brazil. Now the scenario has changed and interested people from more and more countries can play this game to try their fortune. All they need to do is follow the game on the lottery sites, there are mainly three lottery sites. Once they follow it they can easily play the game and wait for the results to check out if they are the winner.

Playing the Mega-Sena Lottery is exceptionally straightforward. The structure is like other pick-6 digit games. The numbers extend from 1 to 60. A flawless curve to the Mega-Sena configuration is the capacity for players to pick upwards of 15 all out numbers. As the number of determinations goes up nearer to the 15 number utmost, the cost of a ticket increments, yet additionally so does the odds of winning.

There is likewise a fascinating turn to how the numbers are chosen in Mega-Sena. It’s a marginally unique strategy for playing than what is typically utilized in standard pick-6 lotteries.

As referenced, the player chooses 6 numbers from the range 1 to 60.

Be that as it may, the primary number can be anything from 0 to 5, and afterward the subsequent number is picked from between 0 to 9. On the off chance that 0 is drawn, at that point it is precisely counted as the number 60. This framework implies the triumphant numbers drawn in the lotto bring about six selective two-digit numbers being created. Therefore, as an option in contrast to one machine picking every one of the numbers from 1 to 60, two numbers are chosen explicitly for each triumphant number.

Week by week Day Draw

Super Sena produces amazing week by week jackpot prizes. Drawings are each Wednesday and Saturday at 2:00 pm Brazilian time. Every single week after week drawing occur during every week in the whole year, in addition to there are uncommon drawings each fifth draw, in addition to other exceptional event Mega-Sena prize drawings, the most important being a New Year’s Even lottery.


The uncommon draw on New Year’s is known as the Mega Da Virada and is acclaimed for being an immense jackpot sum. There is no preferred inclination over ringing in the New Year with a fantastic fortune. The Mega Da Virada doesn’t move over to ensuing years.

In the event that there is no winner at the 6 number prize level, the cash all moves down to the following level. This is one enormous component of the New Year’s Day unique draw, which makes it a massively well-known lottery occasion. With such an enormous payout and a move down component ensuring somebody wins a definitive prize, the Mega Da Virada is one of the most astounding played lottery alternatives on the planet.

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