Simple Ways to Improve Basketball Dribbling Skills in Court

Simple Ways to Improve Basketball Dribbling Skills in Court

Basketball is a fun sport, and if you wish to improve your skills at the game, it is time you start training hard daily. Famous basketball players put in many hours of practice to excel in the game.

Randal Benjamin- How can you excel at dribbling?

Randal Benjamin is an athlete in Las Vegas, Nevada, and fond of basketball and football. He says dribbling in the game of basketball is one of the basic skills you should master if you wish to improve your basketball playing skills. The first thing you should work on is your dribbling skills. You need the correct form. Keep your knees shoulder width and move your feet freely. As a player, you should not stand in the court with your knees locked together. Balance is the key to good dribbling skills. In case, you lose balance; chances are you will trip over and fall. Basketball coaches say when you dribble the ball do not bounce the ball higher than waist level. When dribbling, move your wrist to control the ball. When you are playing the defensive crouch, you should not bounce the ball higher than the middle of your thigh.

Learn and master dribbling with regular practice

When you practice dribbling, understand how the ball moves. Feel it and respond to it naturally. In the beginning, this needs attention however with regular practice you will improve your ball control skills. Use each hand to exercise the ball. The ball should be bounced softly as well as with force. The ball should be bounced to the right and the left.

An effective dribbling exercise you can begin with is by bouncing the ball 20 times in the right hand and 20 times in the left hand in a row. This exercise routine must be practiced at the beginning of the play and finished at the end of the play.

Dribbling while moving

Dribbling while moving can be tough at first. So, practice in a stationary position. Keep your knees shoulder-width apart and keep bouncing on your toes. Practice this for some time before you begin moving and walking with the ball. Once you are comfortable walking start to run with the ball.

Dribbling with alternate hands when moving

Dribbling with alternate hands when you move down the court or the driveway is called crossover. Here, you need to dribble down the court in a zig-zag pattern. You should go forward and then right for about two steps and bounce the ball to your left hand. After this, you should go forward and left for another two steps and bounce the ball to your right hand. This exercise will take some time for you to master but you should not give up on practicing.

Randal Benjamin says these basic dribbling exercises will help you improve your playing skills in the game. In the beginning, they might seem hard however with regular practice, dribbling becomes easier, and you effectively are able to master your skills in the game with success!

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