Steps to be taken for applying Canada visa

Steps to be taken for applying Canada visa

The word Visa is a Latin word which literally means a paper that can be seen. Visa is generally given to a person when they have to travel abroad. This refers to the conditional authority granted by the concerned authority of the company or a concerned department in order that a foreign national can travel from one country to another – this travel could be for various purposes. People travel to the United States for pleasure, business, visiting their relatives and also for medical purposes – whatever may be the reason you need to get visa in order to move from the border of your country. Every country has a different procedure to get the visa – this is actually called as a permit from the competent authority in order to visit another country.

Canada provides two main types of visas namely – immigrant visa and non – immigrant visa – besides this there are more than 185 types of visas but the procedure to be followed is almost the same. In Canada the most common type of visa issued is the non – immigrant visa. Here is the procedure to get visitors to canada visa.

  1. You need to have a proper photograph while applying for the non – immigrant visa. The photograph should be a well printed digital image and that too in JPEG format.
  2. Along with the photograph the person needs to fill the prescribed form. You need to take a printed copy of the form from which the bar code has to be obtained.
  3. You need to create an online profile and follow the entire cycle step by step – this process has to be followed till the end. Once you finish the entire process of filling the profile you need to make the required payment. You need to get the confirmation screen on your computer once the payment is done.
  4. The payment for visa can be done through the authorized banks as mentioned in the online site.
  5. You time of appointment can vary depending upon the type of payment that has been made. In most of the cases the appointment with the visa officer is obtained with couple of hours or in case of any cheque payment the appointment may take couple of days once the amount is cleared.
  6. You need to take two appointments – one is the OFC appointment – this is meant for finger prints and photos and other is the Consular appointment.
  7. Once this is done the Consular will take up all the details and they shall check the file for any kind of issues in documentation. This will make your visit visa to Canada much easier and faster without any hassles.
  8. The person opting for the visitor visa should be able to satisfy the queries of CIC. Another most important thing to be kept in mind is that one should not include anything which would give a negative effect to the visa. In case of extension one should apply the same as early as possible.

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