Singapore e-commerce startup Shopmatic expands to the Middle East

Singapore e-commerce startup Shopmatic expands to the Middle East

Singapore has continued to impress the global community. This is something you are going to notice on a number of different levels. Just in terms of tech and startups, Singapore has rapidly taken the position of proving they belong on a worldwide stage. The ecommerce startup known as Shopmatic is just one example of the success stories that have come to define entrepreneurship in Singapore. However, as you can discover with some basic research, Shopmatic might just have the distinction of being one of the most compelling examples of just how far you can take a dream in Singapore.

In fact, Shopmatic has done so well in its native country of Singapore, there are concrete plans to have it brought to the Middle East. Without question, this is a rather bold move. At the same time, it is easy to see why the move appeals to Shopmatic so much. At the top of the list is the very likely possibility that the startup is going to be a huge hit in the Middle East from the very beginning.

Regardless, there are naturally several elements to Shopmatic and the Middle East that we can easily discuss and deconstruct in the present.

Shopmatic In The Middle East

Shopmatic has established itself nicely in Singapore as a company that can do wonders for those who need e-commerce solutions. In particular, small businesses have found some truly impressive results in working with Shopmatic to meet their needs. The reviews from such businesses have been extremely positive across the board thus far.

For Shopmatic, this will be the third regional market. The other two are India and Southeast Asia. Network International is working alongside Shopmatic, as they prepare to take the leap into that third regional market, and release what will be known as Go-Online. This is the part of this story in which things take a turn for the truly interesting. If Shopmatic is successful in this upcoming venture, they are going to become considerably more influential than they are in the present. That is certainly saying something.

Go-Live And More!

The Go-Live platform is going to be localized for each market. This information alone is giving people a strong degree of anticipation. All elements that one would expect to find in an e-commerce universe will be within your grasp. Built-in analytics will be just the beginning, in terms of features and benefits you can look forward to. You can also anticipate such benefits as comprehensive options to help manage your inventory properly, as well as options designed to help you get the most from shipping and payments.

With this platform, small businesses are going to get a serious boost. There are similar apps and platforms in existence. However, this might just have to be the best of the bunch.  E-commerce consultants will also be made available to customers. The idea here is to give entrepreneurs and small business owners as many options as possible. The more features and options, the easier it will be for these small businesses to tailor things to their specifications.

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