What Patients don't know about Truvada

What Patients don’t know about Truvada

Truvada is a drug used to treat HIV, in conjunction with other prescriptions or preventing high-risk individuals’ condition. This pill is used for two purposes; in conjunction with several HIV medications, the pill is used to counter the spread of HIV.

This drug is not a cure for HIV/AIDS, but it can treat the disease’s severe symptoms, such as preventing other infections. The Truvada is intended purposely to help manage and improve the quality of life.This pill must be taken with other HIV drugs to increase its effectiveness in HIV treatment.

It is not a condom replacement.

Truvada pill doesn’t spell the end of condoms. The public health personnel are careful to avoid the suggestion that Truvada is an alternative to other forms of protection. This is because it doesn’t offer protection against other sexually transmitted diseases people are exposed to during sexual intercourse.

Truvada lawsuit

Individuals who have sustained injuries caused by TDF drugs can file compensation claims for direct financial, mental, and physical losses. While the actual Truvada lawsuit has yet been determined, it is crucial to understand that every case is unique, dictating the outcome.

Truvada injuries include, but not limited to, kidney, bone injuries, and other severe side effects. If you have used Truvada and subsequently suffered severe injuries, you may be eligible to participate in a Truvada claim to get compensation for your losses. Contact an experienced Truvada lawyer to help you in every step ofyour Truvada lawsuit claim.

Truvada only works effectively when taken daily

A three-year clinical trial of Truvada in HIV-negative neb who have sex with men found that users were much more protected when they took the pill every day. The participants who took the medication less than half the time had a 50% reduction in HIV acquisition while the daily uses cut the risk by more than 90%. Other studies have supported these results – from heterosexual men and women to injection-drug users. The problem is, most individuals do not take their medications as prescribed.

Truvada is expensive

Truvada can cost up to $14,000 without insurance. But for most individuals, it is covered in their insurance programs, and there is a co-pay. Besides, there are medication assistance programs across the US for the uninsured that will cover the entire medication cost.

Some gay community members have stigmatized Truvada use.

One of the possible reasons for Truvada’s limited use that the drug users have been criticized by some members of the gay community, who have labeled them as “Truvada whores”. These critics urge that many drug users see it as an excuse to engage in unsafe sexual practices and that encouraging individuals to use the pill is tantamount to encouraging them to have sex without protection.

Truvada has been used for HIV treatment for more than a decade.

Truvada is a combination of two drugs; tenofovir and emtricitabine. The pill has been used for more than a decade due to a medical regimen that suppresses the disease in individuals already suffering from the virus.

Truvada can be used for pre-exposure prophylaxis. It works by blocking the recverse transcriptase enzyme, which HIV uses to copy its genetic material and reproduce. Besides, the drug is used to suppressing HIV in people already infected and can also be used to prevent the virus from infecting people. I hope you have learned top things you didn’t knew about Truvada.

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