What mistakes you should know when buying an ice machine

ice maker

A wide range of models and options can seem both confusing and challenging when it comes to purchasing an ice machine. Until selecting a model, make sure that you have double-checked that you have chosen an ice maker machine that can fit with your business-specific setup. The decision is yours, but you can also prevent some mistakes when purchasing an ice machine.

Make sure the type of ice machine that does not produce enough ice for your needs

When you are searching for a new ice machine, be sure to find a model that suits the capacity needs of your business. Around the same time, you can avoid buying an ice maker that is too large for your needs as it can increase your costs for electricity and water and contribute to other inefficiencies.

As you consider various ice machines, you should find out what your business needs in terms of output and then add 20% as a buffer. For more information on choosing the right size ice machine for your business, check out the online ice machine size chart.

Ice machine that is incompatible with your plumbing

Since ice machines require a continuous water supply, you must choose a unit that is compatible with an existing pipeline at your business. Failure to do so will lead your local health inspector to little cubes, dripping inlet valves, or failing grades. To catch excess water, you will need to position your ice maker around the floor drain.

Be careful about the wrong type of ice machine

Your business needs to buy the right kind of ice maker to generate enough ice during busy shifts. There are three main ice-making types: modular, under-counter, and countertop.

Ice Machine with the Wrong Kind of Compressor

Another important aspect of selecting an ice maker for your company is to choose a machine with a suitable compressor. There are three primary types of compressors: air-cooled, water-cooled, and remote cooled.

Conclusion: Choosing the right ice machine is an essential aspect of your restaurant’s beverage service. With a variety of different styles and configurations, it is crucial to understand what is available to find the best product for your business. By avoiding these main errors that are often made when purchasing an ice-making machine, you will end up with high-quality equipment that will serve your business well in the coming years.

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