Visiting Rome with Tight Budget 2019

Visiting Rome with Tight Budget 2019

Rome which is famously known as Vatican-city is world’s one of the most loved travel destination. Many of you may have listed it as your next travel destination. Rome is not only famous for its ancient wonders but also modern fashion and art scene. In this small article, we have provided few tips to visit this city on budget.

When should you visit?

Usually summer is the season when most people prefer to visit Rome. Many people prefer winter season too, which can be cold and windy but you will not encounter snow or ice. Best time however is between winter and early spring. Also, Autumn season is becoming popular nowadays. In case you are planning to visit during Christmas eve then you must book your tickets and hotel well in advance.

Where to eat and stay?

If you want to eat food at a reasonable price then prefer to take at least one meal at neighbourhood trattoria, where the restaurant owner himself is a chef who will come to you to take your order. The price here is reasonable and you can relish on some authentic Italian food. As far as hotel stay is concerned, try to find one near the train station, which are budget hotels but visitors are uncomfortable due to various crimes. Another better alternative would be to book a standard hotel in a convent where you will find cheaper accommodation and better service too.

Attractions of Rome

Among few free things to do in Rome is to visit the Vatican-city which most of the Catholics aspire to see one day. However, to appreciate the visit to this place you need to spend several days. Also, there are few ancient sites that many of you prefer to visit. Therefore, if you stay at least for 3 days then you can cover most of the places within your limited budget.

Few other not so famous places

You may not have heard much about few areas like Catacombs but it is a fascinating place for both Christians as well as non-Christians. There are few shopping places too which can be visited at Via del Corso. Some of the ancient places whose names most of you must have heard during your school days. The best thing you can do is window shopping.

How to go around?

The subway trains of Rome are pretty good to travel to various locations and the network is not as complicated like in London underground or Paris metro. If you are visiting various ancient places then most of them can be visited by walking as they are close-by. Driving in a car and finding a parking place can be quite frustrating. If you want to travel outside the city area then car rental can be a better option than hiring cabs, particularly at night.

Keep a close watch on your belongings

It is very easy to lose your valuables when you are moving in crowded places. Criminals are well aware about the situation and can take advantage too.

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