The Significance of Using Pearl Stone Jewelleries

The Significance of Using Pearl Stone Jewelleries

Pearl Jewelleries are the classic and forever piece of art that never goes out of fashion. Jewelry made up of pearls can be combined with any style and design. Therefore, they are considered as fashion standards.

Being used for making a different type of jewelry like necklaces, earrings, pearl bracelets, and many more, this jewelry are worth buying as they can be accessorized with anything.

How Are Pearls Obtained?

They are unique gemstones as, unlike other gemstones, they are not obtained from non-living matter under earth beds. They are the only stones which are obtained from living creatures.

Sea animal like oyster or shellfish consists of a core-shell. Pearls are produced within these soft core-shell tissues. After the pearl stone fully grows inside these shells, they are extracted from these shells by catching these pearls carrying the organism and then extracting it manually from them.

Other gemstones require processing like cutting or polishing after extraction from its source as they are found for over thousands of year under Earth beds, but pearl stones don’t require any of this processing after extraction from the source.

How to identify between a real or fake Pearl Stone or Jewellery?

Pearls are precious as they are not found everywhere abundantly. Therefore people fool other people by selling or gifting them fake Pearl jewelry.

One should have knowledge of identifying between real or fake jewellery. Different methods are there to identify real pearls from the fake ones.

  • Light Test- To check the purity of pearls, one can put it under the light. The real pearls will reflect light perfectly and totally, but the fake pearls won’t reflect so much of lights.
  • Weight Test- One can also check the purity of pearls by weighing them. Real pearl stones are heavier while the fake ones are lighter.

These two are the common identifying test, although other tests are also available. One should always buy pearl made jewelry from a trusted seller with a correct certificate of authenticity.

Significance of Pearls Stone Jewelleries

  • Physical Significance – Pearl stones are smooth and shiny in appearance. Therefore, they are mostly chosen for making jewelry.
  • Chemical Significance – Pearl stones are made up of compounds of calcium carbonate, which is inert in nature; thereby, no allergies are being suspected while it’s used.
  • Mythological Significance – Pearl made jewelry is believed to be the symbol of sovereignty, therefore has its own mythological significance.
  • Astrological Significance – Pearl stones are thought to be the symbol of the moon. Wearing pearls can bring people protection and wealth. It is believed that it also helps in adding a smooth and calming effect on one’s personality.


Due to its various significance, pearl are used by the majority of people these days. The astrological significance of this jewelry is way more appealing to people. Therefore they prefer wearing Pearl stone jewelry, especially in the form of pearl bracelet or pearl rings.

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