Surprising Health Benefits of Ice Cream That You should know

Surprising Health Benefits of Ice Cream That You should know

Did you know that contrary to popular belief, you can eat ice cream and still lose weight? Studies show that overweight people who ate calcium supplements like ice cream lost a significant percentage of their total body weight. It is however recommended that women take one cup of ice cream containing 250 calories per day while men can get away with one and a half cups of ice cream per day. Here are other surprising health benefits that come with ice cream consumption;

Ice cream might be the key to solving infertility

A study conducted by Harvard hinted at full-fat ice cream or milk improving levels of fertility. Of the 18,000 women within the childbearing ages of 24 to 42 years who were part of this study, those who ate full fat ice cream at least two times a week were found to have 38 percent lower risk of infertility problems stemming from ovulation complications. This explains why you experience an intense craving for ice cream during ovulation, could be your body trying to hint at something.

It is a bank full of valuable nutrients

With an ice cream maker, you can prepare your own ice cream right at the comfort of your home. The main ingredients that makeup ice cream include milk, sugar, cream,and flavoring. These ingredients provide excellent nutrients sources to the human body. They include,

  • Calcium-responsible for strong bones and teeth
  • Potassium– lowers blood pressure and helps promote proper functioning of organs, cells,and
  • Proteins– facilitates tissue repair and is good in building muscle
  • Phosphorous– helps to form bones and teeth
  • Vitamins B, A, D, K – these generally help strengthen the body’s ability to fight diseases

Provides for excellent feel-good food

But what does feeling good do for your health? According to researchers,Ice cream has a great impact on the brain. It activates the brain’s pleasure receptors leading to a better mood. This feel-good food could be the key to dealing with depression for those battling with stress. It may also help those fighting with eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia since it supplies them with important nutrients while eliminating the stress that comes with these conditions. The delicious taste of ice cream only comes as a welcome surplus that comes with eating it.

Revamps your sex life

The smell and taste of vanilla ice cream has been found to increase arousal for women. This going by recent research conducted by a research center based in Chicago. Ice cream contains substantial levels of phosphorous, fats, carbohydrates and calcium which helps with muscle growth which provide good energy reserves and hence improved sex drive. So go on, and fill yourself up with some vanilla ice cream and see your relationship flourish.

For you to reap all the health benefits that come with eating ice cream, you must not forget to practice proper dental hygiene. Ice cream contains a good amount of sugar which feeds harmful bacteria in the mouth. Brushing your teeth after eating ice cream keeps you safe from cavities and other dental issues that accompany poor oral health.

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