Some ideas for creative and elegant wall decoration

Some ideas for creative and elegant wall decoration

It’s easy to mess up your wall design. There are a few common problems that people face when fitting wall décor. Whether it’s non-matching colours, outdated design, poor materials or whatever else, ideas for creative and elegant wall decoration are always welcome. This is why we’ve compiled them in this list and hopefully it’s useful to you. Without any further delays, let’s get to it!

China plates on the hallway wall

It‘s not entirely unheard of to put up plates or china on the walls, however it’s usually a singular unit and not too many of those. With that being said, here is an example of a very tasteful and elegant wall décor that includes more than 15 unique and colourful plates that mesh with the slightly retro and very accentuated interior. Such details add a touch of lightness and easiness to what otherwise is a bland, simple interior.

A double shelf with paintings and plants in the living room

What we see here is a great use of available space. Take the entire ‘wall-thing’ away and there’s an empty space that, according to other furniture, should be utilised. The blue-ish and grey-ish tones match the whole aura of this living room while the variable sizes of these pictures demand attention, but aren’t tiring. Plants are likely here to just help eliminate gaps.

Burnt wood

Alright, we have to admit that charred timber boards are much more frequently fitted outdoors, but they can round out a clean, relaxing interior. As a whole, deeper and more expressive tones and textures of Shou Sugi Ban (the original name of burnt wood) require very little additions to make for a wholesome, minimalist interior. If you want to find a proper colour from a broad catalogue, go to to find out more!

Wooden frames with abstract plant elements

Try to imagine this somewhere on a near-empty or entirely empty wall which makes it seem like the room or space is empty and lifeless. Adding an abstract element with plant details can bring life into that particular space which is great for almost every interior. Minimalist or abstract details fit in almost anywhere, they’re very affordable and don’t cause too much drama through contrast.

Improvised clocks

Putting up a clock is a very simple way of filling an entire section of any wall without the hassle of bringing in too much stuff.  A wall clock almost always proves to be useful and considering the fact that it’s improvised, hand-made or unique in its shape, size, etc., the addition of one can really be a welcome one when you consider decorating rooms which seem quite empty.

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