Nucleus Education Kota- Everything You Need To Know

Nucleus Education Kota- Everything You Need To Know

Nucleus Education Kota is one of the esteemed IIT coaching institutes in India. The university was established in 2017 and got nationwide fame in very less time. Be it JEE mains or BITSAT or NEET, Nucleus Education offers coaching for all the competitive examinations. The institute has garnered good name among the parents because of the results it has produced. In this article, you are going to know everything about this Nucleus Education Institute.


Nucleus Education Kota is established by 5 IIT alumni in the year of 2017. The alumni aimed to provide better quality training and inculcate in-depth learning habits for the students and hence started their own education institute. The 5 founders are head of departments from an esteemed institution who planned on providing a better learning environment for their students. The institute is located at instrumentation limited colony in Kota.


The Nucleus Education Kota started as a training institute for IIT aspirants but later it started offering other courses too for the students. As of now there are a total of five courses offered by Nucleus Education.

  • IIT JEE (Mains + Advanced)- this is a combined course for the IIT aspirants. Students who opt for this course will be get coaching for IIT mains first and as soon as they crack the examination, they will be sent to IIT advanced coaching. There is a separate coaching for IIT mains too. This is for the students who are aiming to get placed in NEET. Both IIT JEE Mains & advanced and IIT JEE mains programs are for the students of XI to XII classes.
  • NEET AIMS: After attaining great success in IIT-JEE training, Nucleus started providing NEET Coaching too. Students who are aspiring to crack NEET exam can start their training at Nucleus. The institute has the best faculty along with carefully prepared material which will help in training the students. They also provide counselling and guidance for students as a part of the program.
  • Pre-Foundation Course (PCCP): This pre-foundation course is to equip students with the competitive exams’ knowledge along with their academic coaching. This is nothing less than a boon for the parents who want to train their students right from their schooling age. Nucleus ensured that students get all around development by providing them with academic coaching too. A yearly plan will be drafted and followed for students. It aims at holistic development of the students.
  • Distance Learning Program: This distance learning program is drafted for the students who cannot attend coaching center. Institute ensures that students get all the knowledge they require by sitting at home in this program. Everything is perfectly planned and executed to ensure that students get the best education irrespective of the place they are at.


Although Nucleus has the best faculty, amazing material and state of the art infrastructure under its wings, the institute offers courses at quite affordable pricing. It has both AC and non-AC classrooms to pick from. Parents can join their kids in the class that they can afford and the best part about this institute is that they offer installments too so that it won’t be a big burden on the parents.

Materials and Tests

The faculty at Nucleus Education Kota has curated material to match the requirements of students. This institute do not rely on any kind of third-party materials and provide all the content that students need in the form of their own material only. This material is carefully curated and every topic is discussed in-depth to make students understand about the things. All the notes are printed and distributed for every student in the class.

Similarly, the tests are conducted on a weekly basis to know where students stand in their training. The students are put under continuous monitoring to ensure that they don’t lag behind. There are monthly tests too. All the test papers are later discussed with the faculty to give students an idea about how to solve the questions.


Nucleus Education makes sure to hire the veterans of respective industries only. The founders handpick faculty to ensure that students get trained only from the best.


Since its establishment, Nucleus Education Kota never ceased to amaze people with its results. Although the institute is established in 2017, the results it produced deserves a special mention. The institute made sure that there will be some students present in the top 100 of all India ranking in both JEE mains and advanced. They have some notable achievements in Olympiads too and now the institute is preparing to achieve great things in NEET and AIIMS.

Nucleus Education Kota is a great institute covering all the courses that students will be needing. It provides perfect padding for the students who are preparing for competitive exams.

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