Luxury Shower Trends

Luxury Shower Trends

While many prefer showers for a quick rinse, a shower doesn’t have to be a bare minimum feature of your bathroom. More than just cleaning yourself, a well-equipped shower lifts the spirit, waking and revitalizing you in the morning and bringing comfort after a hard day’s work. If you want a shower that feels like an escape from the world, consider some of these features and designs.

Stylish Renovations

Many homeowners appreciate a bathroom that has both function and form, and the shower is part of that. A sleek, modern-looking shower goes a long way to make you feel like you’re on a vacation. Walk-in showers are particularly popular for the airy, spacious feeling they provide, especially with a glass door. With clear sightlines, a walk-in shower meshes better with the surrounding bathroom, perfect for achieving a spa-like look. They’re also more accessible than a model with a bathtub, which is important if you or someone in your household has mobility issues, and cleaning is often easier as well.

Smart Home Sensibilities

With smart technology integrated throughout your home—from the appliances in your kitchen to your lighting and HVAC systems—your shower is the next step. A digital shower features a control unit for finely adjusting water temperature and flow, and this unit is easy to install in an existing shower system. Wireless control units can be set before you enter the shower, too, or pre-programmed with your ideal settings. For a more thorough experience, though, a smart shower lets you control multiple showerheads or water outlets, lighting in the bathroom and even integrated audio and video apps via the digital interface.

A Sauna in Your Home

The spa look is sought after for many home bathrooms, but you can go a step further and bring the spa to you with a steam shower. This modifies the usual shower stall with a steam generator to create a sauna-like enclosure where you can relax in warm, therapeutic moisture. Much like a sauna, it does wonders for your skin and sinuses and feels amazing. Building a steam shower requires professional work and specialized equipment, both for installing the generator and allowing the stall to keep water vapor inside. However, the results speak for themselves.

Your shower shouldn’t be “just” a shower—it should look and feel welcoming, something to look forward to. With modern designs and the help of professional renovators, you can transform your shower into something incredible.

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