How Flowers Attract Us Humans

How Flowers Attract Us Humans

“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the mind.” – Luther Burbank

Human beings may be in a love affair with other co-human beings. But throughout its life, it has a secret love affair with beautiful flowers. It has been made quite evident when one is seen to bloom into happiness when a bunch of flowers is passed to a person. Humans admire the innate charm or the beauty of flowers to its distinct colour and shape to even its sweet-smelling natural scent. In short, everything about flowers leaves them in awe of it. Probably this is the reason why the romance has ignited between every human and flower, every now and then.

Not just because of these qualities in specific, but the edibility of some of these beautiful blooms leaves us, humans, absolutely astonished. Take, for example, the touch of royal water or some royal petals in a dish takes the dish into a whole new next level of culinary experience. The reason why flowers attract human attention could be many among all the traits that it exhibits. Could be its sensory appeal or the olfactory perspective to speak of it when a human smells or comes in touch with them. Quite similar to the idea shown over deodorant or perfume advertisements, the smell of the flower attracts not just bees and other insects for pollination but also us humans. Researcher Roman Kaiser once said that the perfume industry in order to bring up some new fragrances goes in search of some lesser-known aromatic flowers in the dark, dense rainforest.

Not just that flowers make a versatile home decor item which when placed in a vase or flower pot ends up brightening up even the dullest corner of our home. Roses, dahlias, gerberas, lilies, carnations, orchids are some of the flowers which look excellent when comes in and as a colourful bouquet of flowers and placed over the dining or centre table. From decades now, a flower was even used as a natural source of medicine to treat various ailments. Like a hibiscus, chamomile, marigold, sunflower, lavender, Indian lotus and night flowering jasmine are the few flowers with some medicinal properties. Other than medicine, flowers are therapeutic in nature – means it helps to cope with people with depression, anxiety and other such mental ailments. Just the sight of these flowers calm or soothe their mind, body and soul, making the person feel much better. Flowers help to catalyse the recovery process in humans just after a surgery or some treatment. That is the reason why people bring flowers to the hospital while meeting their loved ones.

When words fall short flowers come into the picture to express the unsaid. One can emote the feelings of happiness, condolences, love, gratitude and much more with the help of flowers. That is why humans love it when they have gifted some beautiful flowers on various special days of their life. So, for the following heartwarming reasons humans share a special bond with god’s greatest pieces of craftsmanship – those are flowers. And to speak of the attraction – it is eternal!

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