High Power, Water, and Facility Management Solution


OVN is the leading company in industrial and commercial generator suppliers and dealers. We specialize in power, water, facility management, and air conditioning. We deliver the best service such as generator sales, installation, rental, generator service, and rooftop solar, and biomass gasification for power; pump sales and installation, pumps service, and valve sales for water. We are a fast-growing company that delivers its customers the best service. If you are searching for the best industrial generator supplier Delhi, OVN is the best option.


  • Diesel generator sales and installation

OVN is a top generator dealer and distributor to offers sales, installation, generator rentals, and other services. Our electronic engines range starts from 5-2500 KVA that is very cost-effective.

  • Generator service

Whether it is machinery to run or light, we need power for all the activity. OVN promises that you never face any problem or lack of power to complete the work with our best generator service.

  • Rooftop solar solution

OVN is the high quality and reputed supplier of inverters, wires, panels, and installation.  OVN offer the best service and solution based on your requirements at a cost-effective price.

  • Biomass gasification

OVN’s biomass gasification process is all about conversion of waste bamboo into producer gas, which is useful for thermal and power generation application.


  • Pump sales and installation

Our segment and service are that we provide to our customers such as water transfer, pressure booster, and wastewater utility service. For water pump service and maintenance, we offer the best service of Wilo, Rayson, Crompton, and Installation.

  • Water pump service

OVN delivers with the 24/7 hours service with fast response time. The company uses genuine parts with preventative maintenance.

  • Valve sales

OVN is fast-growing pumps and valve manufacturers for various types of applications based on the requirements of the client. We deliver water treatment plants, paper industries, and sugar industries.

Facility management

We provide the best-integrated facility management solution to make sure you focus on core activities with high attention and 24/7 hours availability. We are the top facility management company. OVN is the amazing commercial generators manufacturers.  We are the perfect facility management to increase strong customer base with our team to work tirelessly for better customer satisfaction. Apart from that, we deliver lift operators, drivers, electricians for the plant, plumbers for civil work, and O&M generators.

Air conditioning

OVN uses the best air conditioning system with a gas powered engine to drive the compressors. Air conditioner used 80% of electricity to a reduction in a transformer. OVN is an authorized distributor that provides customers with the best air conditioning service. We are the complete solution of any problem under the unbreakable umbrella. Our deployment service is very effective based on your requirements.

In the end, it would be good to say that OVN is the best company for manufacturer and supplier work. There is a transparency in its work. Also, the company has done various projects with different clients, it is a key point. To get better air conditioning, pump service, O&M generator service, and facility management service, you can connect to OVN.

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