Finish Line Wet Bicycle Chain Lube

Finish Line Wet Bicycle Chain Lube

You may often have to ride in inclement weather. Perhaps, you like the mid-week roll through the creek crossing. If our guess is correct, then you should keep a wet bicycle chain lube with you. Wet lubes usually provide excellent coverage for over 100 miles, with only a single application. They reduce drive train noise but collect dust and dirt quite easily.

When it comes to choosing the best MTB chain lube to keep your bike chain smooth, it might get difficult for you to select the right one. That’s why we’ve come out with a review of a fantastic wet bicycle chain lube. This best chain lube from Finish Line helps you maintain your bikes and protects your bike from collecting dust and dirt.

Review of Finish Line Wet Bicycle Chain Lube

The Wet Chain Lube from Finish Line is one of the best mountain bike chain lubes available on the market today. It prevents dirt from building into several moving parts of your bike. This effective chain lubricant comes with high-quality ingredients to serve your bike chain the best result. Besides, the bicycle chain lube has some essential features that you should check before purchasing the right chain lube for your bike.

High-Quality Ingredients

Wet lubes usually last longer than dry ones due to their high viscosity. This chain lube is formulated with high-quality ingredients, like 100% non-toxic synthetic oils. It also includes water-repelling polymers, and advanced anti-wear additives into the main ingredients.

Multiple Sizes

This chain lube is an excellent option for anyone who is looking for a low-odor wet lube. Also, this mountain bike lubricant comes in various sizes, ranging from a 2 oz, drip bottle to an 8 oz, aerosol spray, and a 1-gallon jug. They all are perfect for using at bike shops, at home, and any other location.

Extensive Functionality

The Finish Line Wet Bicycle Chain Lube comes with extensive functionality. It significantly reduces drivetrain and bearing friction and repels water. Also, it wears down the chain faster and grinds away at the cassette. Besides, you can use this chain lube in your bike chain for riding the bike where the streets are covered with heavy snow in winter season.

Excellent Performance

This excellent chain lube stays wet for a long time. It ensures maximum performance over long distances, especially in wet weather conditions. After using the lube on the chain, you can ride up to 100 miles on foggy and muddy roads. It can also last up to 2 weeks without reapplying the lube on the chain. Besides, this lube also helps the chain withstand hi-torque pedaling over the bumpy roads.


  • Comes with high-quality ingredients
  • Features water-repelling polymers
  • Ensures maximum lubrication and rust protection
  • Allows you to use in extreme weather conditions
  • Reduces the chain wear


  • It may not be useful in dry condition


After all, the lubricated chain will operate your bike with less resistance, whether you are riding at the wet or muddy roads. Your bike remains effective if you frequently use it on the bike chain. However, we’ve tried a lot to provide you the best in this article. If you’re looking for the right bike chain lube, this one can be an appropriate option for you.

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