Do your DTH recharge using just a finger

Do your DTH recharge using just a finger

Your smartphone holds payment apps and the means to recharge your DTH connection. Just arm yourself with your phone and do the recharge within minutes.

When was the last time you transacted in cash? Save for buying a bus ticket or paying your domestic help in cash, there are little occasions for which you need to use cash at all. From buying groceries to paying your bills, and from doing DTH recharge to booking flight tickets, you can easily transact online for whatever you need.

You can easily complete the DTH recharge sitting at home on your couch, armed with just your smartphone. Your DTH connection gives you access to the best quality programming and the TV shows that you prefer to watch. But when you don’t do the recharge on time, your TV viewing experience is ruined when the connection is suspended for a while.

If you are an Airtel DTH user, the DTH recharge process is extremely simple and can be done in more than one way. Use the myAirtel app or Airtel website, or even the Airtel Payments Bank to do the recharge.

The DTH recharge: 3 simple ways to do it

Is it time to do the DTH recharge for your TV? If it is, your mobile service provider like Airtel will send SMS alerts and also keep flashing the recharge message on your TV screen. If you don’t recharge within the specified payment window, then your connection might be temporarily disconnected. Why go through the hassle of not being able to watch your favourite TV programmes owing to late recharge? Simply reach out for your smartphone and do the Airtel DTH recharge within mere minutes. This is how you can do it:

1 Via myAirtel app. If you are an Airtel user, then you may already have the myAirtel app on your phone. If you don’t, just download it for free from the App Store or Google Play Store to get started. The myAirtel app offers the shortest and quickest way to do the DTH recharge for your TV. Press your finger on the DTH icon that shows up on the app’s home screen, and proceed to recharge as directed. You can even choose from the quick recharge options listed on the screen. Use the myAirtel app also to pick a different pack than the one you are currently using.

2 Via the Airtel website.If you would rather use the desktop version of the Airtel website, log to it on your smartphone to initiate the DTH recharge. Once you open the website, proceed to enter your registeredAirtel DTH number as prompted on the screen. Follow the directions to recharge the DTH pack by making the payment from Airtel Payments Bank, or net banking, or your credit/debit card. paying for it using your account in the Airtel payments bank, or via debit/credit card, or via Net banking.

3 Through third party payment sites.Several people pay their phone bills and do the DTH recharge using third party payment apps or platforms. These payment platforms offer DTH recharge for almost all service providers in the country, with the added incentive of cash back on every recharge and/or bill payment. But there are chances of technical difficulties when you use these apps, since they do not guarantee that the recharge will be done at once after you have paid for the same. If it doesn’t take place soon or at all, you must then go through the hassle of initiating a refund and using alternative route to recharging the DTH.

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