Cancer during the time of pregnancy

Cancer during the time of pregnancy

Cancer during the course of pregnancy.As it does happen to be on the rarer side, because a lot of research has not been done on the subject as of now. As per medicine oncology in pregnancy it is going to rise as more and more women are waiting till a late age for their kids to be born. The risk of cancer does increase with the passage of time as well.  As there is a not a lot of information that is available about cancer during pregnancy, any form of decision which you can take can be harmful for the baby. Here you would need to consider a lot of issues as well. There is no need to worry that the cancer treatment will have an impact on you as well as your baby. There are certain tests which you may be worried that might have a harmful impact on your baby as well.

But there are certain cancer treatments which are safe for the fetus or for the developing baby during pregnancy. The cancer is not going to spread from women to a fetus, but in some cases it could spread over to the placenta as well. Regular monitoring is the key so that the patient could respond to positive outcomes in terms of treatment as well. Pregnancy pain medicine does assure timely relief. It is also important to understand that a pregnant woman can give birth to a healthy baby as well.

How to diagnose cancer during pregnancy

There are some symptoms like nausea, bleeding which are common during the course of pregnancy. In some cases you can relate these symptoms to the occurrence of a particular type of cancer. The moment you find that the symptom s cross the critical stage it would be better on your part to talk to your doctor. They will be able to guide you in a much better way.

If some form of cancer is a suspect the doctor along with the patient will discuss the series of tests that can be done. The objective of these tests is to prevent any harm to the foetus. The doctor may ask you to go for MRI or CT scan. Most of these tests are safe to be done during the course of pregnancy.

  • Research does point to the fact that the level of radiation tends to be too small so as to harm the developing foetus
  • When it is CT scan the levels of radiation are on the higher side. The best part about them is that they are more accurate when it comes to showcasing internal structures or organs. You can pretty much rely on them to find out the diagnosis of cancer or in fact the spread of it at the same time. In fact CT scans should only be suggested and if it is necessary for cancer therapy.

Whether any of the tests will because harm is dependant to a large extend on the stage of cancer you find.

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