Amazing Video Songs of 2019 Bollywood Buffs Must Watch

Amazing Video Songs of 2019 Bollywood Buffs Must Watch

Music is the true healer; companion and it can heal anyone and everyone. No matter you are a child, a youngster or even an old fellow, you can easily find comfort, entertainment, love, cosiness and even relaxation in the realm of music. Music has that innate quality of uplifting and motivating everyone in its own amazing way.

In case you want to listen to and watch some of the nicest and most motivating songs of 2019 Bollywood then this post is going to tell you about all such songs. You are surely going to love these song videos once you watch them.

Apna Time Adygea: A powerful song

This is a great video song from the movie named ‘Gali Boy’. It is an optimistic and positive song and going to make you feel really strongminded and passionate. Featuring Alia Bhatt and Ranvir Singh; the video track is winning the hearts and minds ever since it has come into existence. You would rapidly feel a lot more confident about your life and all your lowness would diminish right away. In case you haven’t checked out this really heavenly and uplifting song yet then you surely are missing out on something spectacular.


This remarkable song from the movie ‘Student of the Year 2’, has to be on your play list for sure. You shall surely love this song. This is a video song that has been formed by Vishal Dadlani, ShekharRajani and the Lyrics have been penned by Kumaar, AnvitaDutt Gupta and even Vayu. Several of you might be in a position to relate to this song somewhat well.

Train Song

It is another track from the wonderful movie ‘Gully Boy’ is going to take you in another amazing ambience. The video song is absolutely light to digest but the lyrics are unconditionally powerful and meaningful. Once you listen to this amazing video track, you would get impacted for long. And Ranvir Singh and Alia Bhatt have definitely nailed it in this song. You have to watch this amazing video song and you absolutely feel the sensation right away.


This is the powerful and beautiful musical track that is the favourite of many. Once you listen to this video song, you are also going to get filled with passion, love and warmth. The song is pictured on ShahidKapoor and Kiara. This really bouncing and expressive song is going to give you extraordinary time for sure. This is a song that you may listen and watch on the repeat. If you are in love then your love could get deepened after watching and listening to this video song. The lyrics are so apt and impactful that anyone or everyone could fall in love with someone.


Thus, you need to do Vidmate free download so that you can easily get access to all these video songs along with endless movies. These video songs are surely going to give you an upbeat time. After all, these are trending and people are getting enchanted like anything.

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