4 Steps You Can Take to Safely Open Your Business During COVID-19

4 Steps You Can Take to Safely Open Your Business During COVID-19

Many states have eased restrictions on non-essential businesses, allowing them to re-open after having been temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most states have issued re-opening guidelines and you should be sure to make sure you comply with yours.

However, these four general steps can help you safely re-open your business.

1.    Disinfect Frequently Touched Surfaces

Routine cleaning with soap and water can help reduce the transmission of many types of viruses, including the coronavirus; however, the CDC recommends also disinfecting frequently touched surfaces with one of the disinfecting agents on their approved list. Examples of frequently touched surfaces include tables, doorknobs, switches, countertops, phones and keyboards. It may be wise to seek professional disinfection services Austin, to ensure your business is thoroughly disinfected.

2.    Clean Regularly with Soap and Water

While disinfecting frequently touched surfaces is important, it is also important to maintain your regular cleaning schedule. Surfaces need to be cleaned before they can be effectively disinfected. Additionally, soap and water can be effective at killing coronavirus and reducing the chance of customers being infected by touching contaminated surfaces. Do not forget to clean flooring and other surfaces that may have been neglected while your business was closed. You may want to utilize a professional cleaning service, such as WOW Total Cleaning, to get your business back in shape before re-opening.

3.    Be Aware of Non-COVID-19 Risks

Re-opening buildings that have been unoccupied for an extended period carries risks not directly related to the virus. Mold, Legionella and Legionnaires’ disease are all risks associated with unoccupied buildings. It is important to follow the CDC’s guidelines for re-opening an unoccupied building to avoid these potential safety hazards.

4.    Maintain Social Distancing

It is still important to maintain social distancing practices. Attempts should be made to allow employees to remain six feet away from other employees and customers. Space out equipment, such as chairs and tables and implement practices that ensure customers remain six feet away from employees and other customers. Encourage or require the use of face coverings in situations where social distance cannot be maintained. remote employee monitoring tools

The COVID-19 pandemic has been particularly hard on businesses that have been forced to close or reduce capacity due to safety concerns. However, re-opening safely is key to avoiding the need for further shutdowns and prolonging the economic hardships that come with slowing the spread of the pandemic.

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