The power of an evolutionary yoga retreat

The power of an evolutionary yoga retreat

Evolutionary yoga is a growing method of yoga that blends modern and ancient techniques. It connects time tested practices from many different parts of the world and weaves them together with contemporary approaches to provide unique yogic experience for every individual on our yoga evolution retreats. The practice of qigong is drawn from the five animal forms and is around 2000 years old. This practice was developed by shamans who observed how animals move in the forrest. The forms focus on a particular organ of the body to remove stagnant energy by gently stretching and compressing the organ using movement. This allows for the stagnant qi to then be expelled from the body using breathing exercises or leading the energy through the meridians to the limbs.

Yoga has been around for many thousands of years and the most popular form today is postures that look good on camera, however the postures are only a very small part of yoga. Yoga practice should incorporate breathing, meditation and much more if a person is to gain the full benefits. Evolutionary yoga run yoga teacher training courses that go into great depth historically which allows for a greater education in yoga.

At our yoga retreat, you’ll be guided by Sue and Peter, both of whom are fully accredited and experienced yoga trainers. Each person will be safely guided by their teachings, with a deep emphasis on merging the formal and spontaneous yoga aspects into one seamless process.

Both Sue and Peter, who are lifelong students of shamanism, astrology, homeopathy and the 5-element theory, have studied many forms of inspirational yoga, including:

Ashtanga Vinyasa
Hatha Yogasana

Nurture the needs of your body and mind

By understanding that evolutionary yoga is designed to guide each individual to cultivate a practice that is suited to their own body, mind and life experience, Sue and Peter can educate you to work within yourself by being receptive to the needs of your body in the present and nurture them.

Learning how to weave together these influential practices, students of evolutionary yoga can realise a deep understanding of this contemporary style of yoga that is incredibly relevant to the modern, busy, and often stressful, times we all live in.

The evolutionary style of yoga we teach can be modified to accommodate many levels. We combine energising and harmonising Pranayama techniques with comprehensive Qigong-based warm-ups that lead naturally into creative standing flow sequences, inversions, arm balances and motivating sound and scent scapes.

Reunite body, mind and soul

The sequences Sue and Peter teach are designed to gently build endurance and mobility without being demanding.  Join us at our Portuguese retreat to experience your body as a singular moving unit, reuniting body, mind and soul within each posture.

The philosophy of evolutionary yoga is to enlighten students to realise that we all have inimitable minds and bodies and to understand what might be beneficial for one person could be adverse for another.

Learn from Sue and Peter, as they encourage you to discover that whilst the origins of yoga are rooted in thousands of years of history it is only this moment that is real, their techniques allow yoga to live in the present, within yourself.

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