Great deals on all Las Vegas comedy shows

Great deals on all Las Vegas comedy shows

1- The Mentalist

People have been attending the Planet Hollywood Casino for more than 12 years to see one of the best comedy shows in Las Vegas by Gerry, the Mentalist.

In June of 2005, when Gerry moved his one-man Off-Broadway show “The Mentalist”, the whole story of Gerry “The Mentalist” started.

The mentalist shows of Gerry is considered the longest running and most successful Mentalist show in Las Vegas history since this award-winning show “The Mentalist” was performed by him for more than 3,400 times in Las Vegas.

2- Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis

Hypnosis, it can make your friend do some silly action public, or your boyfriend kisses your hands in front of everyone… and much more.

If you wanna see such tricks, you have to attend Marc Savard comedy show in Las Vegas. His show is the funniest show ever as he asks for the audience participation in the show and uses hypnosis on them.

This hilarious show is filled with unbelievable skills which can trick your mind. You will adore the show. Exactly as I do.

You can’t really expect anything here, you can just volunteer and see what will happen. Additionally, many of the viewers ask to experience this show again because they really enjoyed the relaxing sensation of being hypnotized.

For a night with the family or friends, this best Hypnosis show in Vegas is the ideal choice.

3- Las Vegas Live Comedy Club

People come from far places to attend Las Vegas comedy club which is located in the bustling Miracle Mile Shopping Center at The Planet Hollywood Resort.

A group of the funniest comics in America perform one of the best comedy shows in Las Vegas. They are guaranteed to deliver laughs at the venue inside The V Theater.

This is one of the special, unique shows which hosts a murderer’s row of great comics during every performance as well as a lot of ceremonies to keep the movement of the show.

Top comedians on this stage come from different places like Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Chicago, etc to make the audience laugh at their comedian performance.

Although there are a lot of comedy shows in Las Vegas performing in big comedy clubs, Las Vegas Live proved to be unique and capable of standing above the competition due to having one of the top comedy showcases on The Strip and delivering big laughs at every show from top to bottom.

4- Comedy Cellar

You might have heard about The legendary Comedy Cellar from NYC. The good news is that they have built a new home here in Las Vegas.

So, just like the original one, you can catch the funniest stand-up comics and the hottest talent here at Comedy Cellar.

You will see 5 comedy shows every night in which every single show lasts for 20 minutes and delivers it freshest material.

Unlike some comedy clubs which showcase second-rate local talent, the Comedy Cellar features the best-of-the-best only, so you will only see the up-and-coming stars to ensure a stellar set. That’s right.

To create the same atmosphere as the New York locale, this place is styled and designed in a special way to help you feel the similarity.

This spot showcases any startups as well as other comedy greats like Dave Chappelle, Dave Attell, Amy Schumer, and others.

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