Circuit Diagram and LCR Circuit

Circuit Diagram and LCR Circuit

When we plan to build an electrical circuit, it is essential to know how many components are used, what is the purpose of each component, the functioning of the components/devices connected, power dissipation, and output. To understand the device or appliance, one has to know how the electrical components are connected. Circuit diagrams help in constructing the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) layout of the device, which is considered the main part.

The circuit diagram is a pictorial representation of the circuit using the electrical symbol. Depending on the output required, the circuit diagram can be designed. In this article, let us know what is meant by circuit diagram, the types of circuit diagrams, and in detail about the LCR series circuit.

What is an Electrical Diagram?

When we look at the circuit diagram, it looks like an interconnected network composed of too many electrical components. Sometimes it looks confusing to understand the type of component used. Hence circuit diagrams are represented using standard electrical symbols that can be understood worldwide. The circuit diagram is also called an elementary diagram, wiring diagram, electronic schematic, and electrical diagram. A pictorial circuit diagram features images of components to build the circuit. The schematic diagram shows which components are used in the circuit and how they are connected using standardised symbolic representations.

A system of conducting elements that are designed to conduct electric current for a particular purpose is known as an electric circuit. The simple electrical circuit features a light source, battery, and switch. The ON and OFF operation turns ON and OFF the light source, respectively. The wiring diagram establishes the flow of current through it in order to make it functional. The circuit diagram is in the form of representing the electrical circuit in a device. 

We have commonly heard about LCR circuits while studying electronic circuits. The LCR circuit includes an inductor of L Henry, a resistor of R ohms, and a capacitor of the C farad connected in a series manner with each other. Let us know in detail about the LCR series circuit. 

What is a Tuned Circuit?

A tuned circuit is also referred to as a resonant circuit or an LCR circuit. The LCR circuit features an inductor having inductance = L, a capacitor having capacitance = C, and a resistor having resistance = R. LCR circuit can be connected in series and parallel ways. In an LCR series circuit, elements like the inductor, capacitor and resistor are connected in series. In this circuit, the current passing through each of them is the same and is equivalent to the total current passing through the circuit. The impedance of the LCR circuit is equal to the resistance of the resistor.

The LCR series circuit performs various complex functions and has a broad range of circuit applications. This circuit is used in the fields of telecommunication and radio communication. It is used to tune the radio frequency of AM/FM. The LCR circuit can be used as a bandpass, high pass, low pass, and bandpass filter based on the frequency used. It is also used as an oscillator. It also amplifies the voltage to raise the voltage passing through each component of the circuit.

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