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Significance of Precious Gemstones and their Astrological Effects

In the Vedic astrology gemstones hold immense significance. The use of gemstones has been made since ancient civilization to liberate humans from the malefic of the planets. In the olden days only the Kings and people from royal family and their associates including the people who were on the higher designations in the kingdom wore the gemstones as recommended to them by the astrologers in order to derive maximum benefit of the gemstone. In today’s scenario, people wear gemstones depending upon their kundali (natal chart) in order to get relief from the planetary dosha. The use of Vedic gemstone for pacifying the malefic of the planets is growing extensively and this sector of gemstones is booming. These precious gemstones offer a wide range of benefits in every area of life which includes success in business, career, education, relief from diseases, illness, curbing temperamental issues to offering good health. Unlike the olden days where only the royal families had the access and the money to buy and wear the gemstones, today anyone can buy the gemstone and experience the benefits offered by the gem.

According to the Vedic Astrology, there are nine precious gemstones that represent the nine celestial bodies (9 planets) which are as follows the Ruby gemstone represents the planet Sun, Pearl gemstone represents the planet Moon, Coral gemstone represents the planet Mars, Emerald gemstone represents the planetMercury, Yellow Sapphire gemstone represents the planet Jupiter, Diamond gemstone represents the planet Venus, Blue Sapphire gemstone represents the planet Saturn, Hessonite gemstone represents the planetRahu and Cat’s Eye  gemstone represents the planetKetu.

It is always advisable to know what type of gemstone are you wearing and for what. Just the way these precious gemstones offer a range of benefits, wearing a gemstone without knowledge can also bring in negativity and cause adverse effects in every arena of life. Hence it is advisable to wear gemstones only after consulting an expert astrologer. Let’s see the significance of these nine precious gemstones and the benefits it offers

Ruby Gemstone (Manik) – The Sun

Ruby is one of the most precious and valuable gemstone which is associated with the Sun, The Ruby emits red cosmic rays and emits beneficial radiations which benefits the wearer by making him/hersmart,active, offers high self-esteem, and fame. The Ruby gemstone also offers relief from problems relating to the eye such as eye defects/ailments. The Rubyis a powerful gemstone that offers relief from bone ailments, indigestion,headaches, colic problem and fever.Thus, the wearer of the Ruby gemstone is blessed with good health, fame, name and success. It makes the wearer free from diseases and chronic abnormalities. This divine gemstone is beneficial for artists,sculptors,engineers,legal experts,architects,high court judges and Gem therapists.

Pearl Gemstone (Moti) – The Moon

Pearl is a lustrous shining gemstone resembling the Moon. The Pearls which are sourced from Basrah, the Mediterranean region and the Gulf countries are Pure and of the Supreme quality. These pearls are highly beneficial and help in relieving tensions, anxiety, ailments relating to the stomach and marital discards. It helps preserve chastity and it popular gem amongst women. The Ruby is a divine gemstone which is also referred to as the stone of heart and works wonders on the heart, mind and the blood. It boosts the wearer’s self-confidence, enhances mental health, offers emotional stability and helps to build cordial relationships at work and with family and friends.

Coral (Moonga)-Mars

Coral popularly known as Moonga in Hindi is a precious Vedic gemstone which is associated with the planet Mars. This powerful gemstone is bright red in colour and is also found in lighter shades. These gemstones flourish in seas. The coral which is opaque is believed to be very effective both for femalesas well as the males. This powerful gemstone emits powerful radiations with offer rrelief from malefic of the planets and helps ward many ailments. It is said that setting a Coral gemstone in gold ring helps to ward off diseases and helps to offer relief from chicken pox, fistula, tropical fevers, impotency, jaundice and ailments pertaining to blood. The Coral gemstone is particularly worn to pacify the malefic of planet Mars. It also is also most effective in treating cough and cold, weaknesses, body pain, pneumonia, lassitude, allergies, inflammations, bronchitis, etc.

Emerald (Panna) – Mercury

The precious and beautiful green Emerald gemstone is popularly known as Panna and is associated with the planet Mercury. The wearer of the Emerald offers aid in offering relief from intestinal and nervousailments. It helps to treat issues related to vocal cord, lunges, liver, tongue and nervous system. This divine Emerald Gemstone is especially recommended for publishers, writers, business men, printers, and dealers of scientific instruments. Anyone who suffers from stammering,harshness in voice, defect in recalling and students who have week IQ and pregnant women who fear complications during pregnancy can wear the Emerald gemstone.

Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) – Jupiter

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone popularly known as Pukhraj is one of the most powerful gemstones associated with planet Jupiter. The Yellow Sapphire promotes emotions of being truthful, righteousness, devotional andspiritual. This divine gemstone is especially worn to attract prosperity, material bliss and comforts. This gemstone is beneficial for businessmenand for the couple whoare want children, social workers. It motivates spiritually and aids in yoga meditation and religious preachings.

Diamond (Heera) – Venus

Diamond is the most valuable and divine gemstone. It offers happiness, financial prosperity and riches. The wearer of the diamond gemstone is blessed with systematic, methodical and upright approach to the problems of life. The wearer of diamond is also blessed with enhanced wisdom, maturity, and cordial relationships.

Blue Sapphire (Neelam) – Saturn

The Blue Sapphire also known as Neelam in Hindi is one of the most divine gemstone which is associated with planet Saturn. Excellent results could be achieved by wearing the Blue Sapphire. It bestows wealth, good luck, opportunity, and success in all spheres of life.

Hessonite (Gomed) – Rahu

Hessonite gemstone is also known as the Gomed Gemstone in Hindi. This miraculous stone is associated with planet Rahu and its colour resembles to the colour of the Cow’s urine. It helps the wearer to achieve success in profession, stabilizes and attracts finance, offers good health and happiness. It stops the competitors and enemies from plotting wrong schemes against the wearer. It helps the wearer to win court cases and is a highly recommended gemstone for people who are engaged in legal professions such as advocates, legal practitioners, Judges etc. The Hessonite also offers aid in attaining spiritual bliss and helps to pacify the maefic of Rahu.

Cat’s Eye – Lehsunia – Ketu

This gemstone resembles to the eye of the cat hence the name Cats’eye. This powerful gem is associated with Ketu and is available in various colours. This pious gemstone clears all the obstacles that hinder the success and growth of the wearer. It wards off the evil effects of witch crafting and destroys negativity. People who aspire to become politician or desire to be on higher designations or authoritative designations can wear this powerful gemstone. This gemstone is highly recommended for those, who do not have well placed ketu in their natal charts. An ill place Ketu can lead to jealousy, rivalry, anxiety, instability and loss of reputation.

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